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The world’s largest oil super major oil companies

Oil currently represents only a third of the world’s energy. In this article, we will understand why pay attention to oil and observe the ranking of the main oil producing companies.

Oil and gas play an extremely important role in the economies of many countries around the world, which has led to the development and growth of oil and gas companies and greater influence. Going forward, we are going to rank the main oil producing companies in 2021. But before that we need to understand the importance of oil today in order to move on to other steps such as why pay attention to oil and then get to know the companies.

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How important is oil today?

Oil currently represents only a third of the world’s energy. And companies have oil invested a lot of money in exploration and offshore projects to ensure they can continue to help meet global energy demand. Approximately 6,000 products and goods are also made from petroleum, ranging from household products to the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. This commercial use means that demand for oil has outpaced the energy sector and makes oil companies play an important role in society as a whole.

This increase in the energy and manufacturing sectors has a significant impact, making oil an important commodity for years.

Why pay attention to oil?

Diversification in dollar products, the super-cycle of commodities and the Chinese five-year plan are other determining factors for oil assets to take advantage of the scenario. And during the US presidential elections in 2020, Biden looked for greater regulation of the export of WTI oil, aiming to contain the advances of global warming.

With the election of Biden, even if it takes a few years for these measures to materialize, the threat of the impact of exports inevitably creates pressure on the future market.

Largest oil companies by production

The data released are from Brand Finance released in 2021, which bet on who are the 25th most companies oil in the world. Unfortunately, Petrobras does not appear in the ranking.

1 – Shell Oil Company

First on the list is Shell Oil Company, better known as Shell. She is a Dutch company.

The world’s largest oil producer had a net profit of $42.156 million in the first quarter of 2021. But compared to last year it fell more than 5 million reais, when the net profit recorded was of 47.529 million dollars.

2 – Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Second comes the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, known as Saudi Aramco. It was the world leader in oil production reaching more than 10 million barrels of oil per day. But last year it ended up losing half of its profit and ended up in the year 2021 with just $37.479 million in the first quarter.

Saudi Arabian has the second largest crude oil reserves in the world and accounts for about 10% of the world’s crude oil supply.

3 – PetroChina

In third place is PetroChina, largest company, oil China’s ranking third in the world with net profit of $31.415 million in the first quarter of the year. And as with Saudi Arabian, PetroChina also lost profits from 2020 to 2021. Last year its net worth was $38.028 million.

4 – Sinopec


In fourth place, also from China was the group Sinopec with a net value of 26.398 million dollars and also losing its profit compared to last year. Sinopec was already first in the ranked ranking of the most company in oil the world in 2018.

5 – BP

In fifth place is the British company BP with profit in the first quarter of 2021 of 21.367 million reais, also losing profit compared to last year.

6 – Total

In sixth place, the Italian company Total trails behind with its profit of $18.122 million.

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