What is Alibaba company

Alibaba Group was founded by Jack Ma in 1999 in China. Created to facilitate the performance of small businesses on the internet, the company offers infrastructure for online commerce and data technology.


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Among the group’s main sites are Alibaba, an international wholesale business-to-business platform; Aliexpress, which works with wholesale and retail for individuals and foreign companies; and Taobao, focused on wholesale and retail for Chinese individuals and companies.

According to the company, the mission of the Alibaba Group is to facilitate doing business anywhere. For this, the company allows companies to transform the way they trade, sell and operate. Aiming to build the foundation of commerce in the future, the company’s vision is to last at least 102 years.

Alibaba arrived in Brazil in 2014. Since 2017, Jack Ma has shown interest in investing in e-commerce, logistics and inclusive financing on Brazilian soil, aiming to train local companies.

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